In the real world, there are some difficulties to overcome, if you want to visit a museum. 
But on a metaverse platform, museum visitors meet as avatars without a physical journey

and communicate without conventional and language barriers.

easy contact
with other museum visitors no barriers,
like conventions or language

from wherever you want
no expensive travels needed
my avatar goes on the road

save the planet
and visit museums around
the world without travels

Curating without limits

Masterpieces can be shown and placed in context without transportation and without physical loan

any work available
ALL important works
on one exhibition theme
in one place

save money
Transport costs and
insurance costs are saved

save the planet
no climate-damaging air travel

About us

We provide creative solutions to clients around the world,
creating things that get attention and meaningful.

Thomas Hampel

Co-Founder + CEO

“The development of business models in the

metaverse for me goes far beyond the

Creating digital twins. As a

entrepreneur, manager and consultant, my focus is

on creating added value for

users that are created by this technology.”



Co-Founder + Art Director

“As an artist, I am implementing my vision of the

ALTAR of EUROPA 1.0-5.0, the transformation of my

physical artwork into the virtual world.

 I am creating an unforgettable art experience for my

audience and show the art market which

possibilities lie in the presentation in the metaverse.”


Louis Richter

Co-Founder + CTO

For almost 20 years I have been a member of the

Gaming community. The technology that is

used there fascinates me. Now I am transferring these

applications from the children’s room into the business

and am redefining the boundaries between the physical

and virtual world for our users and for me every day.”



Grand Opening – Metaverse, Live-Stream + Public Viewing – ALTAR of EUROPA 3.0 – Art Museum in the Metaverse

A “BRAVO!” to all members of our international team.
We have achieved great goals without a budget and celebrated several world premieres on March 16, 2023.
“ALTAR of EUROPA 3.0” can now be viewed in the Metaverse – high-resolution graphics, browser-based usable, let my art shine.

The Metaverse platform for the art market is opened and for the first time a simultaneous translation tool was used in the Metaverse.
We experienced the first hybrid event with participants online in the Metaverse and in livestream and additionally a public viewing in Merseburg.


0:00 – Intro
1:18 – ANTOINETTE / Artist / The vision of ALTAR of EUROPA 3.0
4:38 – Dirk Schmidt / Co-founder + CEO BizzTech / Bringing the Vision of ANTOINETTE into the metaverse
7:49 – Dorothy Di Stefano / Thougt Leader Immersive Art – Curator + ArtDirector / Immersive Art in the Metaverse
13:41 – David W. Sime / Multi-award winning AR and VR specialist / Why should there be art museums in the metaverse?
20:57 Thomas Hampel / Co-founder + CEO / The Vision of the user experience.
25:00 bonus material / public viewing